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Have bad odors in your car because you just ate a bean borrito? Farting up a storm with a friend on a road trip? Well fear no more, in today's video I show you how to install your own car fart odor remover right into the seat of your car. The odors pass through an activate carbon filter and no one will smell a thing!
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Hey guys, chrisfix here and today, i'm gon na show you how to build your very own fart odor remover for your car or truck yes. I know it sounds like a joke. Yes, I know it sounds funny, but I am being dead serious. This works so well, and it's gon na save you from the embarrassment of whoever smelt it dealt it so I'm building this pass gas odor remover, because recently I went on a 12-hour road trip with my friend down the east coast and on the way we stopped At south of the border for lunch, not thinking about the consequences we had bean burritos and we filled up, let's just say for the rest of that trip every time one of us rolled down one of the windows.

We knew what that meant. So being the problem. Solver, I am, I thought, how can I get rid of the smell in somebody farts and here's what I came up with to visualize a fart here's some smoke and when I flip this switch a vent at the bottom of the seat. Sucks the passed gas right out from under you and then in the seat, there's a charcoal filter that removes the odor, so there's no smell well today, I'm gon na show you how to do exactly that.

So if you, your passenger, think you're about to pass some gas, don't worry about it, flip the switch and boom no smell as long as you're quiet about it. Nobody will ever know. So let me show you how we're gon na build this, and here are all the tools and products you're gon na need to get this job done. As always, I like to put on my safety glasses to start and now looking at the tools.

These are very basic tools, common stuff, that a lot of people have already but more important are the products. Let's start out with the fins right here we have two 12-volt fans similar to computer fans, so they're quiet only 27 decibels. That means when you turn them on you're, not going to hear it, which is exactly what you want, because otherwise you could just roll down the window, so 27 decibels perfect level. Yet these are 45 cubic feet per minute fans.

So that means they're gon na be pumping 90 cubic feet per minute to suck that fart right out of the air and a typical fart is less than one cubic foot. So it's gon na take less than a second to get all that filtered out through our filter material. Now this is also super important. This is a charcoal filter.

This is what you would find in an air purifier and what it does is it absorbs odors via chemical attraction, so the surface area of activated charcoal is insanely high. So it's going to pull out that hydrogen sulfide and a methane that give farts their bad smell, plus it's a bit like the foam, that's in our seat. So if we build this material, you won't know that the foam is missing yet it will breathe. So our fan could pull that air through.

We also have a fuse, tap a switch and then the piece de resistance at the end of the video I have this fart spray. This smells really really bad. So if I could squirt this in the car and not smell it, we know we did a perfect job uninstalling this system. So that's all you need, and I will link all these materials in the description from the carbon filter to the fans to the tools I use that way.

You could replicate exactly and get your own fart remover installed. So with that, let's begin and we're gon na be doing the passenger side, since we already did the driver's side, I'm going to show you how to do the passenger side, and the first thing we need to do is remove the passenger seat and to do that, There's two bolts in the back and two bolts in the front. So let's get started removing these two front bolts. These are twelve millimeter bolts and that's one removed and that's the other removed now slide the seat forward and let's remove both rear bolts, one and two and with the seat free, let's carefully remove it from the car, so we don't damage anything and place it on Our workbench, all right so with our seat removed and on our workbench.

Our fans are gon na, go in the foam right about there. So what we need to do is we need to remove this lower portion of the seat and to do that there are bolts hidden behind this plastic here and actually, I think they should be exposed on this side. Yeah they're exposed on this side. You can see.

There's a bolt there and a bolt there. We need to remove those. So let's remove the bottom part of the seat. To do that, we need to unscrew two Phillips head screws.

Holding this trim on that's the first one and then right over here is the second one. Then this seat back lever, slides off like so and the plastic trim, could come off now. There's two bolts on this side. Holding the seat cushion in one is right here, and the other is right here next, let's flip the seat around, so we could get to the other two bolts on the other side, and these bolts are, in the exact same spot as the other ones.

So, with the bolts removed now we could remove the seat bottom, all right and with the bottom of our seat, removed. Let's flip this over and see what we have to work with, and that is exactly what I was hoping for. We have bents in the bottom of our seat, so that is going to help let the filtered air. Through that way, we don't have to drill our own holes.

So now we need to get to that foam in and in order to do that, let's remove this upholstery here and normally the upholstery has these hog rings right here you could see those they're kind of rusted. They hold it typically to this metal, but these are definitely rusted and broken off, so it makes our job easier, we'll just have to replace those when we reinstall it. So, let's peel back to see cover like so and now we have access to our foam and it's nice. The foam has a little indents in it for where the holes are so we know exactly where we need to cut and where we have fresh air.

That's able to flow through so now, just so you have an idea. This is what it looked like. So this is the back of the seat. That's the front of the seat, that's the back of the seat! Here's where the backrest would be - and this is kind of where you would sit right in here - and if we take a look at flipping this over - that's exactly where our vents are right here.

So, just from looking at this, the fans going right there that looks perfect. We can utilize the vent holes which are all in this area that looks beautiful now. What I'm gon na do is get a marker and we're gon na mark around the edge of both fins. So we know exactly where to cut and we want to make sure that we're being accurate.

So we don't cut too large of a hole for these fins and let's check it out perfect and now comes the fun part cutting the foam. Now we don't want to go too deep because we could get through to the other side. So at this depth we should be good and we won't be able to go all the way through so cut the foam on the line and I'm cutting more towards the inside of my line, because I could always remove more foam later. But if I remove too much now, the fans might have a loose fit now, peel away the foam that we just cut out and then remove as much foam as we can under that that way, the air could flow through this very easily.

So, let's test to see if this works get our fans in here and they fit pretty snug, which is perfect. Now we could take a 9-volt battery. It's not gon na be as powerful as the car battery, but it should still work enough to let us test this, and it turns it right on look at that. Nice and quiet can't even hear them, and if I put my hand above here even at 9 volts, I could feel the air getting blown through the seat.

Let me flip this over just to show you and with the seat flipped over right here is where the fans are pulling the air through. I could feel it and I have everything all set up so they're both running right now. Let me show you how well this works and again with our smoke maker, you can see the smoke getting sucked into the seat. This isn't gon na have any issues pulling a fart out from under you and that works pretty good.

Now these do not go in all the way, so there is a gap between the fin and the bottom of the seat to fill that gap. We're going to be using the activated charcoal filter, and this is also going to give us our filtering capability to remove the smell. So we just want to line this up over our hole and cut out a few pieces of charcoal filter to fit the hole that way when we sit down. We don't even know that there's a fan under us I'll just cut a few more pieces out and we'll layer in there just like that.

Then we could put the fans on top of that and I'm gon na add one more layer of charcoal filter. On top of the fins to keep the fans off the metal seat bottom - and this will be held in place once we sandwich it in between the seat bottom like so so, let's get this all set up perfect. Now that charcoal filter is going to be held in just by this being tightly bound to this it'll, add two more filtration and also prevent that noise from happening from metal to metal contact of those screws to the back of the seat. So that is exactly what we want now.

We want to get this all tightened up and held into place and to do that. We're gon na install hog rings with a hog ring pliers, and this is exactly how it came from the factory. Actually, first, let's run our wires out of the seat hole here, so we have access to them. Now, anytime, you run wires.

Sharp edges, like this metal edge right here, could cause a problem back and forth back and forth over time will cause this to chafe and then you'll get a short. So what you use is a wire loom protector like this and just push the wires into the loom like that and work your way up the loom, so the wires are completely protected, and now this plastic right here will protect it, so it doesn't get chafed. So now we could reinstall our upholstery properly with a hog ring in each of those three spots. So grab your hog ring pliers open it up, grab a hog ring.

It fits right in and then get the hog ring into the original hole in the seat, cover and crimp it onto the metal seat bottom like so then do the same exact thing for the other two spots on the seat: you're just crimping the cover to the Seat so it doesn't move and that's all there is to it now that is sturdy in place. Let's do the other side, so crimp four hog rings into place on this side of the seat, flip the seat around and then crimp for more hog rings. On this side of the seat, beautiful, that is all there is to it now. Our upholstery is nice and tight, and that looks great.

Let's install this into the the seat, so let's set the seat up on the workbench and the seat bottom slides right in now. We need to line the seat and the holes in the bracket and then hand tighten the bolt into place same for the other bolt line it up and then hand tighten it. Then we could torque both bolts down to spec, so we know they won't come loose. Now, let's flip this around and repeat, tighten the bolts down by hand and then torque them to spec, and I hate putting things back dirty.

It's all dusty and grimy all in here. So before we put that cover back on, let's grab some soapy water and a brush and spray down this grimy seat bracket then use a brush to agitate all the dirt. And finally, we could wipe it clean with a paper towel. Now we could install our side trim I'll, get that in place like that just test fit it up perfect now's, a good time to install our switch.

I want to have a nice discreet spot where you can flick it on and flick it off without anybody knowing - and this is perfect right around here - and if we take a look right here peel this back beautiful, you can see. There's a nice big cutout right here, so we could drill into it and there's a big cutout right in here. So we won't have any clearancing issues. So I think that right there looks perfect, let's make a mark and drill our hole.

So we'll start by drilling a pilot hole which is using a small bit just to get this hole started good. Now we're going to use the full size drill bit and we need a hole that this will fit in. So if you look at this drill bit, it fits perfectly so use this bit to finish drilling and that looks pretty good. So, let's see how well our switch fits we'll get that in here and beautiful.

Look at that now we get the on off placard and put it on the switch. This only goes on one way and we get our fastener nut. Tighten that down all the way, so it's nice and snug and holds that switch in place. Now, before we install our plastic piece here, we want to wire in our switch.

So what I have are too long leads that we're going to wire up just like that. So I'm going to use this terminal end, and this just slips right in like that and then crimp it down and we do the pull test to make sure it doesn't come off, and that is good. Now we could take those terminal ends and screw them into the switch. We just need to make sure both of these wires are secured.

Good now, with both of wire, is securely fastened, we're gon na add a wire loom to protect them. Just work that wire all the way into the split of the loom and there you go with our wire loom installed. This wire won't get pinched on the seat when we move the seat back and forth. So now, let's install our seat trim so sneak the wire loom back under the seat.

So it's out of the way and then snap the cover into place finally screw the front screw and then the back screw and then push the seat adjustment handle on like so and there we go. Let's take this and install it into the car, be careful not to damage anything as you put the seat back in and now we can tighten down the front two bolts to hold the seat in and finally tighten the rear bowl all right with those bolt screw Down our seat is now bolted in and we're good to go and check this out. Our switch is nice and discreet off to the side here, good clearance easy to get to now. One last thing you saw, I didn't bolt in that last bolt.

Well, that's because we're gon na use that as a ground, so we're gon na hold off on that and now comes the fun part that everybody gets so nervous about. It's not bad at all, and that is wiring. We're gon na be using a fuse tab and it's just one wire that we connect to the fuse box, which is underneath the driver side and that one wire is gon na run right to here. Super simple, so let me show you how to do that.

Let's get to the fuse box underneath the steering wheel now with our fuse tap, we could tap into any of these fuses, but I rather try to find an open fuse slot and use one of those. Now the idea is with the ignition on. We want power to our fins, but with the ignition off we don't want power so to find the right fuse to tap into we're going to be using a multimeter set to 20 DC volts now, grab your fuse tab and we're gon na use a 5 amp Fuse because our blowers are one amp, each so two amps total 5 amps is the smallest fuse. We have and then let's place this in a random slot like that then grab your ground, clamp from your multimeter and we're just gon na ground it to something metal.

Now the key is out of the ignition, so let's get our red lead and connect it to the fuse, and you can see we have no voltage now. If I turn the key to the run position check it out, we have voltage beautiful. So that means this gets power only when the key is in the run position, and now we know which few slot to use the next we need to do is grab a long wire one that you could run all the way to your seat and the nice Thing about this fuse tab is it comes with a crimp already built in so just slide that in there like that and then we'll crimp it down like so look at that perfect. So, let's go plug this in make sure you plug it into the correct slot.

Good and now, let's run the wire behind the dash making sure it's away from any moving parts like the clutch brake or accelerator. Now we could run it up into the center console area, so there's no slack good, so the wires getting run all the way underneath the center console to the back and then down underneath the carpet to right here and then we could pull some of this out There we go now, let's run our ground wire. This is gon na connect to this bolt hole right here, but before we connect it, let's clean the metal surface off with some 180 grit sandpaper, since this is rusty good. Now, let's get the ground wire and bolt in place and bolt it down.

Next, we want to connect our ground wire to the black ground wire on the fans. So let's crimp on a spade, connector like that and then we could connect our ground wires together. So now we have our power wire from the fuse, our power wire to the fans and then our switch. So we need one fan to switch and one power wire to switch, and then we're done so I'm gon na crimp on Spade connectors to the ends of the fans and the switch and then connect them now.

Let's crimp the power wire and the other switch wire and connect those as well. Now let me show you what's going on here: we have our power wire coming from the fuse block which goes into our switch and then coming from our switch. It goes into the fan and then the fan is grounded right here and that completes our circuit. That's all there is to it.

Let's try it out all right, my first time sitting in this seat, and it feels pretty good this which is easy to get to, and I can't even tell there's fans built into the seat, which is exactly what we want now to prove this works. I have a smoke machine, so I'm gon na fill the area with smoke and then, let's turn on the fans and check it out, those fans suck the fumes right out of the air and they are silent, gives new meaning to silent but deadly. Now it's time to put my money where my mouth is and we're gon na be testing this out. I heard this smells horrible.

Alright, it's time to give this a try, I'm gon na waft it towards. Oh, that's horrible man! I am dreading this! This stuff smells! So bad and I'm in an enclosed car, so I'm gon na make sure the fan is on good thing. I checked because it wasn't now it is, and here we go. Man come on.

Okay, good smell it a little bit, but it's not strong at all and the smells gun. Oh man, how cool is that, if that doesn't prove that this works? I don't know what does go. Get yourself one of these and spread in your car you'll. Never do it again.

That is not bad at all. That is so cool. This works, so there you go, the proof is in the pudding and that worked beautifully. This is such a great design.

Let's flip this off and the best thing is you guys can make this at home yourself and if you don't want it to suck the air out, you could flip it around and then now you have cooled seats easy as that. But I'm telling you in the future cars, especially luxury cars, are gon na. Have these and then hopefully, maybe we could get them so that every new car will have one actually Alex from car. Throttle is gon na help me do just that.

He came all the way from the UK to meet me at my driveway to help me bring these far odor removers to market. He actually just sold his pride and joy to fund this. So this is no joke. You're gon na wish you had these in your car the next time you go for a ride and need to pass gas as always.

Hopefully the video was helpful if it was remember to give it a thumbs up if you're not a subscriber, consider hitting that subscribe button and all the tools and products are linked in the description, so you could easily find them also alex's announcement, video for selling his Car is linked right up on the screen. You could click that and get right to it. Stay tuned.

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