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This was my first time ever drifting at a new track far away from my home track with the DriftStang! I ended up pulling a trailer behind the drift car and drifted 3 different tracks over the weekend. I took passengers, tried out my new carbon fiber racing helmet, and pushed my Mustang and my skills to the limits!
I went from Raceway Park NJ to Pocono Raceway, over 140 miles each way towing a 1500lb trailer! I got to experience the Tricky Triangle and all of it's glory getting up to 80mph drifts and learning how to utilize the clutch kick and not just Ebrake all of the time.
Thanks @kwesiray for the slow motion footage!
Thanks @victoriapeyton_ for the photos of my car!
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Hey guys chrisfix here so today we're doing something awesome. Today, I'm going from my home course in Raceway Park, New Jersey, that's where I normally drift with Club loose, we're doing so a little bit different, we're changing it up we're going all the way up to Pocono Mountains, Pocono Speedway a hundred miles away, and we are Drifting with Ready Set drift, I am pumped, I got the street tires on the drift Stang. The reason why I got the street tires on is because I am driving the drift Stang 100 miles there 100 miles back and drifting there now. Is that a good idea? I will find out: will she break she's been pretty reliable so far and I actually rented a trailer now? Normally you don't rent the trailer for your drift car.

You put your drift car on a trailer and you drive it, but my truck is getting worked on the rear leaf spring. Is I well? It's not good the whole perch and everything just broke and snapped. So I'm working on that you'll see a video on that. Don't worry, but for now can't trailer the drifts thing.

I don't even know if it's worth trailing the drift staying on such a small truck, either especially out in the Pocono Mountains. So what we're doing is we have a trailer for the drifts thing. We are bringing everything I have 14 tires here. I've got a bunch of stuff here as well.

Nice toolbox, hopefully, won't need the tools, but I tried to cover everything got all my tools in here, which is nice, and then I got some extra stuff as well. So that's ready to go. We've got some extra fluids and if you can't tell I'm a little nervous about breaking my only ride home drifting is not easy on cars, but I guess it comes with the territory and you know get some excitement to the weekend. So we'll see what happens? Ok, that's nice and tight.

That's not going anywhere! Change across everything, looks good. Okay, let's go connect to our trailer lights. Now I did wire in some trailer lights right to the drift car, so we're set to go. There got my tools got my clothes now we are ready to go all right, so we have a hundred forty miles to get to Pocono Raceway pulling 1,500 pounds for the first time ever with the drift car.

So, let's see how this goes so my Mustangs supposed to pull a thousand pounds max in stock form, but because we beefed up the rear suspension and I'm making some extra power. We shouldn't have any problem pulling the 1500 pounds with that said, you always want to load a trailer properly so that it's safe. You want to put about 60 % of the weight in front of the trailer axle and 40 % of the weight behind the trailer axle. This is going to put extra weight on the trailer tongue, that's connected to the car and that weights going to get pushed down on to the rear, tires and prevent the trailer from swaying back and forth, as well as giving the rear tires more grip.

And luckily I kept the air conditioning in my drift car very smart thing to do, and even though I'm running straight pipes, the exhaust is designed, so it doesn't drone. So this trip to the Poconos is actually going to be a comfortable ride. All right we're almost there and there is a tunnel coming up, so I had to share with you the music of my people. I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I'm about to holy smokes.

That sounds so good and now that we're on the other side of the tunnel, we're almost there three days of drifting ahead and we have arrived Pocono, Raceway I'll, be honest with you guys. I am nervous, I'm getting the same type of jitters. I got the first time I ever drifted and I can't wait to see what this track looks like. So I'm gon na go figure out where I need to go I'll.

Take the trailer off and I'm gon na get this car tech inspected for tech inspection. There's a few key things to look for, such as making sure the battery is tied down, so it doesn't become a projectile in an accident they're also looking for any leaks from oil to coolant to fuel and another major thing they want to do is check the Interior setup making sure your fire extinguisher racing seats harnesses are all installed correctly. Finally, if you pass tech, you get a signed, a letter for your class. You start in C group, but I've recently moved up to B group, which is the next level alright, now that we passed tech, I need to get the track wheels on and then we get a head out.

So you guys know this is my original Chris fix helmet? I love this thing, but it's just a little heavy and it didn't fit perfect. It fit well, it was safe, it just didn't fit perfect. So I went out - and I got myself a carbon fiber helmet check this baby out. So this is this.

Helmet is about four pounds. It's like 3.8. This one is 2.8 pounds, insanely, light and way more comfortable, and just look at that. That's beautiful! So I'm gon na be wearing this and since at ReadySet drift here you could take a passenger like media passenger and be group, so I will take some media today and they will be wearing that helmet.

So let's go get this on a head out alright, so we are off. This is gon na, be a test to see if I could actually drift and adapt what I learned from my home track to another track. If I can, I know I'm actually getting better and building skills, not just getting used to one single track and doing tons of laps around there. Now, I'm just letting you guys know right now, I'm not very good at drifting and talking to the camera.

So I'm probably gon na end up doing a voiceover while I'm drifting, so let's go. Give this course a try and see how it goes. This track is called South Course. Everyone lines up at grid, and this is where you start coming at a grid.

There's a long straightaway and you can see the dark tire marks on the track where people initiate and drift, then you come up to a tight, 90-degree turn which goes into an S turn, which should be a lot of fun and then there's another 90-degree turn which Goes into a straight and another 90-degree turn then there's a straight with a slight s, turn that goes into a hard 90-degree turn. And finally, you have to stop drifting at the end of the turn, just in case it's a little safety. So you don't spin out by mistake and crash into the cars leaving grid. Oh at this point I already did two laps of spirited driving just so I can get an idea of the course layout.

All I know is where the turns are so now. I'm gon na have to figure out my speed and the lines I'm going to take and has here about the sea boat. My speed and my line our way on. I need to go a lot faster and whip the car harder for the initiation to get to the first turn.

Now this s turn is real smooth, but my 200 horsepower Mustang straightens out pretty easily on the grippy track, which makes mangy to the next turn difficult. It would also help have had more speed. I could extend the drifts on the streets to make it to the next turn and looking back I do realize I should only be using the e brake to initiate on this course, and I should be clutch kicking the rest of the course. Unfortunately, I didn't pick up on that until the next day, but overall it's a fun course and completely different than anything.

I've ever drifted whoa sitting on grid. You know, like a lot of people, are like hey. It's a drift car. It's a race car, take the a/c out and I'll tell you one thing: I have it on high it's maxed.

My temperatures are actually pretty good they're, going a little bit a little bit above half nothing to be concerned about, and I'm nice and comfortable and cool in here I got the a/c going here for my face and here for, like my body at the a/c down Here is just so nice to have air conditioning, so for the rest of the day, I really focused on getting that initiation and first turndown, that's gon na set me up on the right line for the rest of the track, and this is no easy challenge, because I needed to go faster than I've ever drifted, otherwise there wasn't enough speed to slide into the first turn. At the same time, I couldn't go too fast. I would slide past the first turn into the grass. I was trying this in second gear going about 60 miles per hour, so I figured.

Maybe third gear would work, but I just didn't have enough power at the lower rpms to spin the tires so after a whole day of practice on this new track, I felt confident enough to take a friend for a ride. I finally nailed down where I needed to initiate my drift, and I had the pedal to the floor in second gear: redlining, the car and using the e brake to slow down just enough before the first turn and as you see getting turned one right sets you Up perfectly for the rest of the course here's an outside view of how good it looks. I also got used to using the entire width in the track riding the edge to get more speed and more angle. It's amazing how getting that first turn right gave me better lines, more speed and the confidence that I actually know it, how to drift, which is a really good feeling yeah.

I still didn't clutch kick and instead I used to he brake too much. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until tomorrow, and a haul back is gon na change on the next course tomorrow. You guys are gon na be blown away with how much I agree. Yeah all right day, two and one tip - is to always check your oil every morning before you go out and drift because we need oil.

Now I packed a ton of stuff from tools to water, but it figures I forgot the funnel so one trick, I'm going to show you guys is to grab a water bottle and cut off the bottom to make your own fun make sure you dry the inside Completely so we don't get any water in our oil and then you could simply put the end of the water bottle into the oil fill hole and check this out. Now we have a funnel I've had to do this before on boats in the middle of the ocean and cars on the side of the road. So it's a super helpful trick to remember. If you don't have a funnel beautiful now, it's filled to the top.

So we're ready to go and that one drop of oil spilled using the homemade funnel all right. So now our oil is all good. It was a little low. I think we're burning a little bit of oil, probably from valve stem seals, not a huge deal right now.

The coolant is good. Everything is good, so we're ready to go out and drift. Oh yeah, the cow is definitely it's so brittle it just it cracks. You know so I grabbed this 108 hole so awesome thanks man, I really appreciate it.

Wan na go install now, okay out with the old in with the nice, not broken one. Let's do it carefully. So that looks awesome. Thank you very much.

I really appreciate it. It's time for me to go up, so, let's get out there, drifting, the skip ad' is basically a giant parking lot with cones grid is at the bottom left of the course, and you start off with an immediate hard left to initiate the drift. That's followed by a really long sweeper, which leads to the scariest part, where there's two medians that meet with a narrow pass through get this part wrong and hit that concrete, median sideways, and you could destroy your suspension or, worse total your car. So you really need to be focused here and drift between the medians, which will bring you to a tight right sweeper, and then you can hold that drift until the end, where you come up to some cones, where you need to shut it down.

Knowing about the concrete medians had me very nervous so pulling up to the starting line, I was focused, but my heart was racing, so here goes nothing. I was so focused on getting through that median safely. I apparently forgot how to drift, I'm beginning to realize that using my e-brake to initiate isn't gon na work because it slows me down. So I got some more speed and I tried again and now comes the fun part.

I wanted to go through the median straight for the first time just to get a feel, but again I was too focused on not wrecking, and that was affecting my drifting. So I finished off this very embarrassing. First attempt at this course - and I had to get over my fear of that median so for the next run, I wanted to focus on drifting that first sweeper before the median and then go through straight just to get comfortable. Then the run after that, I want to not drift that first sweeper and then he break through the medium to again just get a good feel for it and be more comfortable.

Finally, it was my time to shine, put the two together so drift the sweeper and then drift through that medium and well, I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a few beats, because that was way too close to a disaster. So with that spin, the grid workers noticed me struggling so Danny came over to give me a few tips before my next run. Try to avoid pulling the ebrake to a mission, so try and give like drive straight and then just turn the car right and, as you come left, even a clutch kick okay, because if you four lie your better one, you want to learn to flick it as Opposed to high and always keep breaking the initiation that I'll just kill your speed. Okay, definitely the issue yeah, so just try and give it a clutch kick in second well: you're in second yeah yeah, just give it a clutch, kick and turn the wheel.

Okay, no clutch kick is exactly how it sounds. You keep your foot on the gas and quickly kick the clutch, keep an eye on my left foot. That was perfect. The car slipped right out just enough to initiate my drift and you can see I'm starting to straighten out again so watch my left foot clutch kick and boom, I'm back into my drift and finally, they set me up perfectly the drift between the medians.

Now I ready knew how to clutch kick, but today it all clicked. For me. Today was the day where I really learned how to utilize it and not just have to rely on the ebrake, which was a huge milestone in my journey of learning, how to drift and getting into the a group. If you start showering our, but she came right back in the same okay thanks because of my newly refined skill, the rest of the day was amazing.

Every run was beautiful and I was looking so good out there just watch this. Finally, I was feeling confident and the rest of the day was not me being nervous, but instead me having fun, because that's what it's all about, but there's still one more day ahead of me and tomorrow is gon na be another new track. But this time it's the fastest track. I've ever drifted all right the last day and we're on the east course.

We start at grid at the bottom of the track and head right out into a sweeping right turn. Then we have a 90 degree turn which goes into a sweeping turn, which goes into an S turn which goes into a long straightaway and if you're going fast enough. That will go into a long, sweeping turn and in a little mangy and then finish off with one more right turn, which is where we have to shut it down. Now.

Today, I'm gon na attempt to talk to you guys, as I'm drifting, I'm feeling pretty confident. So, let's see what we could do all right now I have it floored and I need to get into second gear and coming onto the track here. Clutch kick and drift this sweeper coming up to this turn fest 90 days the end of the track you now, I need a bodging here and not lose speed, because we have a long to turn sweeper that I want to try to drift up the estern, which Has been super smooth all day long straightaway until we hit about 90 miles per hour, then I'm gon na drop her down hit the second with my foot on the clutch we're at about 80 and I'm gon na put the car little and she break into this Turn and let's see if I can keep the speed up for these last few drifts that we have a good line beautiful. Yes, that's not talking about so I ended up moving the car inside the garage check this out.

This is one of the best things about being at Pocono. You got your own spot if you want you get here early enough got number 25 and you're nice and dry staying out of the elements and out of the heat get to work on your car right here. Keep all your gear out here. Just have to keep the gas tanks out, but look at that.

That's awesome one of the best things about this place now, with the day and weekend almost over. I wanted to go out with you one last time, but instead of talking through the course, I want you to feel my excitement and with that all three days of drifting at Pocono Raceway are done and my car made it. I had a blast with each day. Being something new, the tracks were all different: the asphalt was all different.

There was a lot of mangy in between turns, and I do need to work on the rear suspension because she snaps hard with the short transitions. Otherwise, I think it did a pretty good job and I had a blast the car made it all the way through all three days of me beating on her. So now comes the last part, and that part is the drive home. Now this mixtape, a subscriber sent to my PA box, was perfect for the ride home.

Thanks for that and we are almost home just a few minutes away and I'm still pumped about this weekend after drifting, three brand-new different tracks. It's such a good feeling to know how much better I'm actually getting at my second season of drifting. This trip proved to me that I'm building this car perfectly and reliably and men, I'm just so happy hard work, pays off. So a total of 280 miles of driving and three days of drifting and we are officially home.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and, if you did remember, to give it a thumbs up also, if you know how to subscribe or consider hitting that subscribe button, because the next trip video is gon na, be epic, I'm gon na be taking you guys. Yes, my viewers, my subscribers into my drift car you're gon na, be sitting shotgun with me and we're gon na be drifting to raise a lot of money for charity. So stay tuned what'd. You think.


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