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Buying my Dad his dream car and surprising him with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I surprised my dad with a new car and he did not expect it at all! We saved over 75% off of MSRP by not buying it from the dealership!
With luxury cars it's better to let someone else buy it new and take the huge depreciation hit first. Then you can buy it at an amazing price with low mileage and just a few years old. We wrapped the car with an Indulgent Blue wrap to make it look amazing and we learned how to change the oil in an exotic car to save a ton of money!
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Hey guys chrisfix here and my dad's jag has seen better days. I am downgrading it from daily driver status to project car status, because every time I fix something on this car, something else breaks and it's just a never-ending chain of working on this car. It's becoming unreliable, it's been pretty good for the last couple years. It's been fine hundred thousand miles, it's been running a ok, but all of a sudden things are just stacking up on top of each other and there's a bunch of stuff broken with it.

So I really need to find something reliable that my dad could daily drive, I'm getting sick of working on this car, and let me show you what I mean so real quickly. I just want to give you an idea of what my dad has been dealing with driving this car recently and the major issues the first one. Listen to this when I go start her up so first, I don't know if you could hear hit that starter. There's a bearing in there and the bearing is shot.

You could hear it just scream when it goes to engage the flywheel. The next thing that you probably notice is there is a check engine light on the dash. This check engine light is for a bad oxygen sensor. I replaced three of them.

That's the last one and the other thing is there's an evap leak which is really hard to trace. I did trace it and all the smoke was coming out of here. The gas cat now you would think ok, just replace the old gas cap. I did.

This is a brand new gas cap and, unfortunately, this whole filler neck has to be replaced for whatever reason this is distorted and it's allowing fumes to come out, which means it won't pass emissions. I did get it to pass emissions by taking a balloon and stretching the balloon over this and then right before I got to the DMV I put the gas cap on and she passed, but that's definitely not the right way to do it and in order to Fix that I have to replace the entire filler neck from here, all the way to the gas tank so have to drop the tank in order to drop the tank. It's just a mess. I think you get the idea and don't you guys worry.

I will make a video on how to make your very own smoke leak detector because they're expensive to buy, and that's how you find leaks like the evap week and I'm gon na - do something that's inexpensive to make. It's actually really cool, so stay tuned. For that now, the next problem it can take a quick look. You can see, there's more lights on the dash, and that is an ABS light right there.

Unfortunately, the ABS light is on because of this bed. Abs, module and I have to replace this, but in the meantime, my dad's driving around with this without ABS, which she's like oh, it's, okay back in the day, no cars had an ABS, but I like ABS, because ABS is definitely very helpful. Safety feature and that's not the only safety feature that isn't working another one is the headlights. Now you probably Kris, the headlights look like they're, both working and they are but watch this.

You see that projector housing right in there well, when you're driving along and you hit a bump, the projector housing moves around and then, if it falls into a spot like this. Now you have to use your high beams, because this is aimed too low, and I can't have my dad driving around with a car like this. You need your headlights and you need them to work perfectly, and the sad thing is it's just these little plastic gears that broke and it's a design flaw on these Jaguar x-type s --, and it happens to basically all of them, but wait there's more for whatever Reason I don't know where both rear axles decided to go bad. You can hear them squeaking as the car drives.

By not only does this sound bad as you're driving, sometimes the speedometer, doesn't even work out of nowhere just randomly, because the speedo works off the ring gears on the axles and then finally, the last thing, and probably the biggest issue is there is a head gasket Leak check this out, you can see there's a head gasket leak because there's bubbles going into the cooling system and then those bubbles are coming out of the reservoir here and that's just a telltale sign of a bad head. Gasket. Now the head gasket leak causes my dad to fill up his radiator every couple of days, so he needs about one of these every. Let's just say five days and those of you that lived the life of a coolant leak or a head gasket leak know you have to keep coolant in your trunk and unfortunately, we have to keep actual coolant, not just water, because water will freeze.

We live in an area where it gets cold, so it gets expensive and it's a hassle. My dad shouldn't be filling up his car with antifreeze every couple of days. That's just unacceptable, so you guys are probably like Chris. Why don't you fix all this? Why did you let it get this bad? And actually I didn't let it get this bad.

It all happened real quickly. It all started adding up real fast, which is why my dad needs a new car. So today I got my dad a car and he has no clue. I cannot wait to surprise him and I just hope no one is cutting onions.

When that happens now this isn't any normal car. I got him something that he's had his eyes on, but would never get it's an all-wheel-drive twin-turbo GT car and, after all, my dad's been through to take care of my family, all the sacrifice and for the past few years he's. Let me take over the garage and take over the driveway with project cars and car parts, without even hesitating he's always to me, and no one is more deserving of this car than him now. One thing I want to do before the reveal is change.

The color of the car to my dad's favorite color and I won a free rap last year. So this is the perfect car to do it on so, let's head over to the rap shop and he or she is a barely used, perfect condition: 2014 Maserati Quattroporte. Any time we saw one of these on the road, my dad would comment about how nice they look. So, instead of getting him another Jaguar x-type or something like that, I decided to get him something special.

So now the cars in good hands - and I cannot wait to see the transformation now as we wait for that car to get wrapped. Let me tell you guys some of the economics behind this car and also how I got it for such a great deal. Now the first two questions you guys probably have are: where did I find it, and how much did I pay for it? So let me show you so I found this car using auto Tempest and I admittedly spend way too much time on this site. Looking for new project cars and what I like about it, instead of searching individual car websites, it searches all of these websites, all with one click, so ebay, everything you see there, one click it'll search for it.

So if we scroll down you can see, I have Maserati Quattroporte for keywords. I put all-wheel drive because we want the all-wheel-drive version, not the rear. Wheel drive version 2013 to 2019, which is the newest generation, and then all we have to do is hit search and boom check out all these results. It just keeps going and going and going and going and if you take a look at some of these prices, you're probably thinking Chris you're out of your mind, but I'm not.

This is the Chris fix Channel and today I'm gon na show you how to get a hundred and thirty thousand dollar car for less than thirty thousand check it out. This is the ad for the car that I purchased. He was asking $ 30,000. I negotiated him down to 26 thousand dollars, but wait.

It gets better. Here's the window sticker of the car I purchased in 2014. This car was a hundred and seven thousand dollars. So that means in five years, this car depreciated, eighty one thousand dollars over 75 % of its cost.

Now this is where the economics start making sense. Why would you buy a new one when you could buy one a couple years old with forty five thousand miles in amazing condition, and when I mean amazing condition, I mean amazing condition. This is a pre-purchase inspection from Maserati. I took it there $ 200.

They scan the computer, their Tech's, who work on these cars all day. Long looked at all the common issues that they normally find. None of them were wrong. There are new brakes new tires everything checked out, they installed new bulbs, so the guy who checked out this car told me that this car is just like a brand new car is an amazing condition and he said he wouldn't hesitate to make an offer on it And one last thing right here: I just want to show you guys the average price of a brand new car in 2018.

It's $ 36,000. In 2019, the average price was $ 37,000. We bought something for more than ten thousand dollars. Less and my point is, you could buy a new car or you could save your money, especially on a luxury car wait a few years and you could get a really nice off lease in like-new condition, car for 75 % off MSRP, and you won't take that Huge depreciation hit: that's the smart way to do it and save a ton of money.

So you don't need to be rich to buy a Maserati. You just need to be smart about it, so hopefully that was insightful for you guys. This website is awesome. Thank you.

Auto tempest for making it and for support in the video, if you guys, are looking for a used car, go check out the link in the description I'll link. This website it'll make your life so much easier. Now, let's get out of here and go pick up. The freshly wrapped Maserati now they've had this car for a few days, and I cannot wait to see what it looks like after the wrap time's running out.

The goal is to surprise my dad tomorrow. So let's see what we get holy smokes. What a difference is this even my car look at this thing: oh man, this is incredible. So here's a before and after out with the white and in with the blue wow, this color really pops, and you can see all those Italian curves.

This car has so much better than with the white. I still can't believe this is the same car dude you killed it. You killed it. Look at this.

My dad is gon na love this. This is exactly the blue. I envisioned this is like that Corvette blue. This is a hundred percent, so perfect monkey by far for numerals, but upon closer now, this car is beautiful.

I'm not gon na bore you with a review of the car, but I do want to touch upon some things that make this quadra-port a really nice. Now I don't know if it's proper to call a car handsome, but I'm gon na do it anyway. This car is handsome and I'm glad we wrapped it because this blue sets this car off perfectly, and I think you could consider this car an exotic car with only around 2000 made every year, and while this exterior is beautiful to look at, let me show you The interior, because that's where it's at now this is easily the most comfortable car I've ever driven. It has real Italian leather, none of that fake, pleather stuff and it's important to be comfortable, because my dad drives a lot of miles and many hours every week to go to work now.

One thing I want to show you that you might have noticed the door. Sills are still white, so you could tell it's a wrap, but don't worry, that's gon na change. We were running on a tight timeline, so they couldn't wrap the whole thing blue, but I'm taking it back and they're gon na make the whole inside here blue. You can't even tell it's gon na, be a rat it'll, look just like paint, so I just want to mention that real, quick, let's go inside.

Let me show you the interior now sitting inside of this car is nice. It's comfortable, it's modern! It has all the technologies that you would expect in a newer car, and it also has some nice old-school. Maserati touches like a wood. My dad loves wood trim, and this Tanganyika wood looks amazing.

Now I really like this shifter setup because it has the drive modes. All in one easy to get to location right here you can turn your traction control on and off right here you can go into manual mode, so you can manually shift the car with the flappy paddles behind the steering wheel. Then you have ice mode, which means increased control and efficiency. This will increase your fuel economy, lower emissions and also give you a little bit more traction.

Next is my favorite mode, the sport mode, when you hit that flaps open up in the dual exhaust to make it louder, it also increases the boost of the turbo engine and the throttle is more responsive and the transmission shifts quicker, giving this car 0 to 60. In under 5 comfortable seconds, as well as a quarter mile and just under 13 comfortable and finally, if you want your suspension to be stiffer, you press that button to give you better handling. But this is a nice comfortable luxury car. So we'll keep that off.

Next thing, that's incredible about this car is the interior is very quiet, and that is due in part of this glass right here, while this might seem like normal glass. This is actually special glass check. This out, this glass has two panes one on the outside one. On the inside and in between it's sandwiches, a laminate, and that makes it extra thick and extra quiet.

So when the windows are closed, the road noise in this is almost non-existent now. Another thing about this car is how long it is over 17 feet and what that gives you is a real rear seat. This rear seat is huge check this out, and I really mean it. There is a ton of room back here.

Look at all this room. You can literally spread your legs all the way out and recline. You don't see that on many cars today and with all the compact cars out there, you can barely move your feet in here. There's tons of room, you get your climate control and then one of my favorite features is right here on the door check this out.

You press this button right here: boom a privacy shade pops up now the Sun isn't in your face anymore, but let's just say you want to look outside and the sun's, not in your face anymore boom press the button. The sunshade goes down and that's such a cool feature that you don't see on many cars today. That's probably why I really like it so the interior super nice. I love it now.

The last thing I want to show you is the trunk, so double tap. The key and look at how much room is in here. This truck is huge, which is good for my dad because he's always carrying around a lot of stuff for work. So I think you get the idea.

This is gon na be a million times better than that old broken-down jag, my dad's been driving around he's gon na love this. I cannot wait to give it to him, and everything on this car is perfect, except for one thing, and that is, it needs an oil change. Now an oil change doesn't sound like much but check this out. If you get this done through Maserati, they charge five hundred and fifty dollars to do an oil change now, you're, probably like hey, what's so special about.

Why is it five hundred fifty dollars, and I can't really give you an answer. The only thing that's unique. Is it takes eight quarts of oil versus the typical five quarts of oil in a normal car, so otherwise this is going to be exactly the same as changing the oil and anything else. Let's get under the car and let me show you first: there are a few bolts holding in this plastic under tray which helps give the car its aerodynamics to get 25 miles a gallon with that removed.

We have a normal oil drain, plug to remove so just unscrew that and that's such a bad, designed to have a cooler line right there. It's gon na get drenched and I'm gon na grab an oil sample to send to the lab to get tested, to see the condition of the oil and get an idea of the overall condition of the engine beautiful. So now we can take the old crush washer off the drain bolt and you can see the drain bolt looks really clean. That's a magnet right there and there's no big pieces of metal on there.

It's not all gunked up, which is a good thing. This thing looks brand new inside then we could take our new crush washer and slide it over our drain. Bolt and now we can hand tighten this down and finally snug it down. Don't over tighten it.

You just want it snug good. Next, we could get the plastic under tray in place and tighten down all the bolts that hold it in now. We need to remove the oil filter, which is located on top of the engine bay right behind the driver's side. Air filter right there to get to that.

Remove the three clips that hold the air filter box in remove the air filter and, let's vacuum out the leads from inside the air box. Now we can remove the old oil filter by unscrewing it and carefully taking it out out with the old and in with the new, and now you can just screw the new oil filter in until it's snug. Now we can install the air filter and then the air box and, let's add our oil, we're using eight quarts of the recommended: 5w 40 euro, full synthetic motor oil, and with that last quart we are done changing the oil all right. So, let's go start her up well back her off the ramp, so we're on level ground.

Now that oil is getting circulated now we'll shut her off and let's go check the oil dipstick. The moment of truth. Are we filled to the correct level perfect right at the max and there's nothing to it, and there you go now. We have changed the oil in this Maserati saved ourselves, 450 dollars and the point of me showing you.

This is, if you could do your own maintenance, you could take care of your own car. You could pretty much get anything and be able to fix it or maintain it. Don't let other people scare you away from cars that you really like, or you really want, give it a try? It's totally worth it cuz, then you're gon na be driving, something that you really enjoy. My dad is gon na love.

This I'm gon na. Take this around the block and hide this from my dad: he'll be home in a few minutes, and I don't want him to see this and then we're gon na Surprise them alright! So right now I'm parking this car on the other side of the development. So my dad can't see it my sister's gon na take this car and drive it up the driveway. What's gon na happen is my dad's gon na be opening up a gift top of the Mustang he's gon na be facing the other way, and this car is gon na grow up right behind him, and I mean he'll hear it's gon na be awesome.

I am like so nervous, I'm shaking, I can't believe the cameras being held steady. I like this is the moment. This is it, you do this once in your life, and this is it right now I am pumped here we go wish me luck, there's a gift for you. Keep in my pocket, there's a gift on the back of the Mustang.

I want you to open yeah, since you can't have the real thing right now can't take out the whole thing. I like the way you can open the cards and everything and that's the real one. Now you got a mother and you see the color. Ah, yeah Go Daddy had this in it, you got ta just the seats and everything.

So what do you think? I can't believe it it's gorgeous. I never sat in anything like this. I have to show you all the different features and stuff, but it's got an awesome infotainment system. It has all these different modes over.

Here I mean it just goes on and on you got your your sunroof that you're really like. So I say how about we close out the video and then let's go for a ride, sounds like a good idea. How to do everything, though I don't even know how to shift. Don't worry, lovey it'll be easy.

If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, if you're, not a subscriber think about subscribing, I know I watched the videos and of course it's my son, so I'm partial, but there's a lot of good information and a lot of things that help you do Things yourself and save money, and just out of curiosity in the comments section, if you'd like you, could put down what you think your dream car would be and I'd like to see that and hear everybody's opinions alright. So there you go. You heard my dad in the comment section below. Let me know what your dream car is.

This is so cool. It's so awesome to be able to do something like this, and you only get to do something like this once in your life. So I really appreciate for all the support guys stay tuned for some awesome. How-To videos coming up.

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