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At this drift event, I took subscribers for ride alongs in the DriftStang to raise money for charity. Each ride was $10 and we raised a ton of money for St. Jude! It was so much fun to see each persons reaction when I flicked the car sideways for their first time! The DriftStang itself did great with drifting for a total of 24hrs and over 100 miles over the three day event. I had a blast taking all the ChrisFix fans for a ride in the car that they saw get built on YouTube!
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Tires (rear):
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Here is the guy who saved the day with the coil (John):
For everyone who shares this video I will be donating $1 to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital up to $25,000 so even the subscribers who couldnt make it to the drift event could help donate!
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Hey guys, chrisfix here and today we are heading to the Pocono Mountains. With the drifts thing, my drift build we're going out there to stacked Motor Sports Festival, it's a three-day automotive event and I am doing subscriber ride alongs. Yes, that is right subscribers. You guys could jump shotgun in my car and we're going around the track drifting now.

All you need to do is give a small donation to charity and you get right in that passenger seat. Every penny of that donation is going to st. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It's a great charity to help children out who are sick.

All the monies go into. It's not going to my tires, not going to guess I'm taking care of all that stuff and the charity itself is a really good charity. All the money that we'll donate is actually gon na go to the kids. It's gon na help them get better I'll talk more about the cause a little later in the video, but right now I got to be completely honest.

I am a little nervous because drifting is really hard on vehicles. This drift Stang is gon na be pushed to the limits. This build everything we've done so far is gon na be pushed to the limits we're gon na do ride-along after a ride-along after ride-along. I don't know how many fans are gon na be coming out.

I did post up on Instagram, you guys said you wanted to come out, so I'm hoping we get a bunch of people raise a ton of money and I'm hoping we don't break but we'll find out so enough talking. I got everything packed up tires for days tools, everything I could think of and we're gon na head out to the track and go for some ride. Alongs. These fan reactions should be great okay, so we made it and are all set up at the track.

For three days of drifting and already we have subscribers signing up to get in the drift car for a ride-along. So let's get this party started, so here's today's course and it's a skid pad, which means it's a large open lot. So this course could be run in two different directions today, we're running it counterclockwise, so we're going in this direction and then later on in the event, they'll switch it around change things up and we'll run it clockwise, but in either direction. The most important thing is, we don't hit the kerb in the middle there's, a small slot that we could slide through miss that slot right there in the green and chances are you're gon na wreck your car, but we're not going to do that.

We're going to hit all the right lines and we're gon na have a blast. So let's take these subscribers out for the rides of their lives. You ever been in a drift car before never all right. This is gon na, be a good one.

My heart is going good, you ready, oh my god, oh my for anyone who's watching and you have no idea if it's really that good. It's that good. I promise you. Oh my god, dude.

Thank you. Thank you million no problem. Man, as you could probably tell this, is an amazing experience and it's cool, because most people have never been for a ride in a drift car, and this experience is something you really never get a chance to feel unless, if you actually get in one, have you Ever been in a drift car, have you ever been in a no I'm not! I drifted. My subaru never been in a drift car before no have you ever been in a drift car.

No, no first time I ever saw my nephews got a car here today. So a come-up sale all right, Bryan everybody drift go: nope, okay and man. Oh man, we got 50 people in this drift car today and check it out. It was a good run.

That was a good run. It was an awesome run. You gotten pretty good at this. Thank you.

So, after a ton of rides, they switched up the course and we ran it. The other way - and this unfortunately, is when we had our first casualty well now you're actually in the car yeah. Alright, first casualty of the day defeated attire, but this tyre was toast anyway, look at that alright, so I'm gon na get some new tires on there. We're gon na get back out there.

Look at this line of people here going ride after ride after ride and she's, taking it and she's, taking it hard like all day long non-stop. I don't want to jinx myself right now, but this is why the most thing is such a solid drift car. So, okay, let me go change this tire right now, so let's remove the lug nuts and then out with the old and in with the new. As always, I torque down the lug nuts in a star pattern to make sure we don't have any issues with the wheel coming off on the track.

Safety is important and, while we're at it we're gon na replace the other tire as well, so we have a fresh set on and that'll help keep the drips, consistent and it'll help the rear end. Locking up evenly as well. All right tires are on ready to go just to give you an idea. You guys are always asking how long do tires less the best thing about the drift Stang these tires have about.

I say like 50 runs on them and that's when it DBT that's when it was like just enough where it's over, so I've run them all the way down. A lot of drifters do that it just get the most out of your tire. 50 runs on a set of tires, a lot of these guys that are making a lot of horsepower. They go five runs and they need new tires.

So I got these tires switched out, we'll get the car off the jack stand and we'll get back out. There give him ride. Alongs this one is gon na, be fun, Matthew, convinced his mom to go for a ride. She is terrified, but I give her credit for stepping out of her comfort zone, but there's no holding back, I'm still gon na send it Wow wait a grippier, much different.

I was good so today everyone was having a blast and the car was holding up great for day one. We got fifty ride-alongs and tomorrow it's supposed to be even busier. So what you name Matt Matt, I got ta say I really appreciate you doing the charity because for me it really hits home yeah yeah. I went through treatment a couple years ago.

Really, do you mind me asking for what Ewing sarcoma? Okay, honestly, I don't know what that is: it's a bone. Cancer! Oh wow! Are you good now yeah, I'm not getting there awesome dude, I'm glad you're, better and now you're here donating for charity and that's what it's all about, and this ride-along is the perfect one for me to tell you guys about the charity. We're raising money for st. Jude is a Children's Hospital that provides treatment to kids with cancer and other horrible diseases, things that kids shouldn't have to deal with in the 1960s one in five kids who got treatment at st.

Jude's survived, but today, thanks to research and Treatment funded by donations like this four out of five kids survived, so this charity makes a huge difference for people just like Matt here and I'm proud to be doing this today. You want to know what forget doubling the ride-along donations. We need to do something bigger something that gives you guys the viewers involved. Let's do this for every time you share this video, I'm gon na donate an additional $ 1 and that's how you guys can help out and donate to a good cause.

That's incredible! How old are you seven you're, the youngest rider? Yet, and what's your name, what you think yeah, yes, give me a pound man and run after run. Everyone was having an amazing time, but then my biggest fear disaster struck. Something's, not right. We'll get you to jump in again, something not running right.

I need to check on it nothing's not running right, it's running on four cylinders or something it's just a doesn't, or I can't even drift. Hopefully, it's look well, it's good. Now, yeah. I need to figure out: what's going on, it just died, it's not running right! Can't drift, like we've been going continuously for about eight hours now, so I need to figure out what's wrong, so I'm gon na scan the computer, see if there's any pending codes.

If it's missing, if it's the fuel pumps dead, whatever's wrong, hopefully it'll, let us know okay, so the scan is telling us that the coil pack, a circuit, is open and that most likely means the coil pack is bad and needs to be swapped out. So, let's remove coil pack, a which is pretty easy, just remove the electrical connector and then there are four bolts holding this in and while I'm doing this, I did post up an SOS. I need a coil pack for the 4.6. I could make a run to the parts store, but that's about an hour round trip and we have at least 50 fans waiting for rides, and this is not good if I have to make that run to the parts store.

There's no way we're gon na be able to get all 50 rides done by the end of the day. This is what I was afraid of the coil pack. I actually have one. Yes, that's the exact same thing: okay! So now, let's get these wires on the new ignition coil and then screw this in as quickly as possible, because time is of the essence.

Hopefully this fixes it, and it's not something worse here goes. I just wanted to take a second and say that dude saved the day ready because of him. We were only down for 10 minutes which is basically to ride. Alongs lost fingers crossed all right.

Let's see if we could do this. Hopefully, it's just the coil pack sound, better we're gon na, send it so for the rest of the day, the car rent, even better than before, we managed to get everyone who signed up into the drift staying for a ride. We even had one extra lap to get somebody who is deathly afraid of getting in my drift car, and that is my sister and I made sure to send it extra hard on this last lap. You know as a brother should do yeah.

Oh, my gosh. That was awesome. All right, I did it holy smokes just went through this entire event. Today, 60 ride-alongs, that's from the start of the event 10 a.m.

now's over 6 p.m. they gave me a few extra runs, and so I could get some more fans in non-stop. We had one hiccup with that. Coil went, but we fixed it real, quick teamwork.

Everybody came together to help holy smokes. This is insane, and all this today couldn't be possible without the help of these guys. Everybody here helped out big time. I really appreciate it.

I couldn't do this alone, it's. It was literally impossible, as run after run after run. After run day done day 3 coming up alright, so this is the last day and there's already a line and our first subscriber of the day is belted in and ready to go. So, let's send it - and I want to give you guys a feel for how special these ride-alongs are not just for the charity, but also for the people themselves.

Listen to this. I hope this get to the video my shop class at school watches yeah, where you from I'm wrong, pictured Massachusetts Wow. How long was that alright now drive four and a half five and a half five and a half rude thanks for coming out? Dude yeah? What's your name Kyle file, where you from Cincinnati two flights, you will hear ya, that's insane! So it's racial to me. So I aspire to be a mechanic one day.

I've never been like a real, exciting car before you nervous yeah, not really. No, I'm never. Gon na predict this awesome dude. Thank you so much for jumping and you so away from Cincinnati.

That is incredible. I've made a lot of people days. Your boyfriend make you watch the videos. I knew nothing about like cars and then I bought one when I turned like 16 and your videos to give me so much money.

Man they're awesome, that's great! That's not like the year. That's the whole reason I made the video now next I jumped on an opportunity and I asked one of the event models if she wanted to go for a ride-along, and here is what happened. Oh my god, have you ever been in a drift car before? No? No Street, what do you think yeah? That's fun right! Oh my god! Oh it's! So fine! I can't do that all day long. I love it always ready to send it.

I just think you got ta be exhausted. The rest of the day went great. I was able to get all 50 people to jump in for a ride and the car ran flawless by the end of the day. We hit a milestone.

The drift Stang drifted over a hundred miles, and we did this for eight hours a day. For the last three days, so 24 hours total and when you think about it, this car was going to the crusher, but we saved it and built it. The right way - and this proves how well built this car - is all those videos of doing things. The right way, this is the proof - and all I could think, is how incredible this is.

Oh, my god you're alive, you're won and just like that the last ride of the event was done and we did it. We made it all three days, and that was the most epic thing I've ever done. With this car we had a hundred and sixty subscribers go for a ride alongs. That means we raised sixteen hundred dollars for charity, but wait it doesn't stop there.

Every share this video gets. I will donate $ 1 of my own money, as you can see here. Youtube lets me track shares in the analytics. Now, if you're wondering what is considered a share, if you copy the link of this video and you post it on Facebook, you send it in a text message: send it in an email, you post it on a forum, put it on Twitter.

Anything like that is considered a share and one share equals one dollar. I will donate of my own money, so this is one way that you guys could help out and donate to charity. You don't even have to be at the drift event. You could do it right now.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did remember, to give it a thumbs up if you're not a subscriber, consider hitting that subscribe button, because we got a lot of cool videos coming out, including supercharging, the drift sting and finally, any questions about the charity Or anything you saw in this video feel free to comment or check out the description for more information. Good stuff coming up, remember to stay tuned.

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    We all love you Chris!

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