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Here is your chance to ride in some of the most amazing drag cars in the WORLD!!! Leroy, a 1500hp, twin turbo, 30psi of boost, bald eagle machine! Ruby a 1000hp turbo and nitrous C6 Corvette! Neighbor a supercharged 1000hp tire smoking Crown Victoria. And the most winningest NHRA drag car in the world, Dan Fletchers 350ci LS wheelie popping 69 Camaro!
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Hey guys chrisfix here today we're doing something awesome. You guys are going for a ride shotgun in a couple of drag cars, not just any drag cars. The most iconic drag cars on YouTube. What's up guys, I'm pleased to be falling from the policeman crawl YouTube channel.

Today, you're gon na hop in with my boy James in Ruby. This is a thousand horsepower automatic Powerglide transmission drag car as well as you're gon na ride. Along with me, and a stick-shift 1500 horsepower Corvette with no body panels known as Leroy. We love drag race and right now we're at cleats and cars.

If we are going to go, have some freaking fun. This drag strip ribs. Hopefully we can run a seven second fast in this and a decent 8. Second, passing this, and then after that, can we go for a ride in neighbor and do a nice burnout? I think, let's do it Phil? Oh man, oh yeah! Alright, you guys are in for a treat.

This is something most people never get to experience. You're about to jump into Ruby, a thousand horsepower turbo Corvette. I won't be in the car with you, but I will be miked up. So let's get you guys in here for a ride-along now you're in good hands.

James is a pro at driving this car and we spoke before and he said, he's ready to set a record with this run, so sit back and hang on to the burnout box, where you burn out to heat up your tires and clean up for driving around The track the same when doing the burnout keep one hand on the wheel to steer the car one hand on the shifter when you're on the ship that you got to go to high gear. So this way, alright pull it back down in the first year to leave you'll see two buttons on the stairwell once that transbrake the loss of arm once a pump box. The bug locks on the turbo car allows you to bunk the khari to build booster. This way can be possible it's on at the end, you see my hand hit that second lever.

That is the parachute. It helps you slow down and holy smokes. That was nuts. You guys just ran a quarter-mile in 8.4 seconds, which is a new record for this car, and you were flying down the track at 161 miles an hour what a ride.

So thank you James and now it's time to get into Leroy and go even faster. So quittez is taking you for a ride. In his twin turbo, 1500 horsepower stick shift Corvette, which is the first-ever GM stick shift car that did a quarter-mile in less than eight seconds and, as you can see by the crowd surrounding this car shouting taking pictures, you are sitting in something special. This is one of the most famous drag cars on YouTube and you're about to see why what's up guys, good job Cheerilee had the bald eagle about $ 30.

You know, man that was crazy, wheelspin off the line, but Leroy hooked up and then blew past that other car in the left lane, and if you thought this was cool well, we are not done yet. Next, we're going for a ride in neighbor for a burnout, competition neighbor is a supercharged 1,000 horsepower Crown Vic built to put on a show and destroy tires. Now I need you guys to pay attention to Cletus and listen up for this safety briefing when the car comes to a stop now this is insane holy smokes and his burnout contest goes all night. You guys have to see what this looks like from outside the car.

Now, Thank You Cletus and James for the ride alongs, but wait. There is more. The final ride, alongs you're gon na be doing. Isn't the most winningest drag car in the world with one of the most winningest drag car drivers in the world Dan Fletcher? Let's take a look inside this car.

Now a really cool thing about this. When he comes up to the staging line, I want you guys to pay attention right down here to the right is a trans brake button? This right here take a look at that because when he goes and races he presses down on this, it puts the car in reverse and first gear. At the same time, which holds it steady at the lights, then he's able to mash the gas it revs to about 4,800 rpms and he lets go to the trans brake and that's when the car launches and that's how you get a wheelie. So this is so cool we're about to go down the track.

Do a wheelie in this Camaro, the most winningest car in the NHRA history. Let's get the helmet on and go for a ride, and here goes a ride-along in a professional, drag race and remember to watch dan's hand, release the trans brake to launch the car and what I raised the other guy one by point: zero zero one of a Second, and that's how intense and how close these professional drag races are insane all right now. That was amazing. That was so much fun.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and it was so much fun that I want to get a drag car. Don't worry, don't worry hold up. I know we have the drift sting to our right. That's gon na get a rollcage.

It's gon na get this engine right here in the center put in there, then we're gon na supercharge we're gon na make crazy power. That's gon na happen, don't worry and then to our left. We have the del Sol, which is gon na, get fixed up restored and then down below look straight down. That's the turbo charger.

That's going in the del Sol. All of those things are gon na happen, but after they happen, I want to do a drag car budget build. I want you guys to tell me right now. What car do you want to see me use as the drag car? Any ideas you have, I want it to be a great budget, build something you could do at home.

You follow along we'll all learn together how to drag race. It's gon na be a blast. I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did remember to give it a thumbs up and if you're not a subscriber, as you can see, we have a lot of cool videos and projects coming up so consider, subscribing and stay tuned. This is gon na, be a blast.

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    Me in the vette: Uhm..why am I sitting on the armrest and not the seat?

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    Use a muscle car and then put a Little italian Horn on it

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    What an annoying format this video has… can’t even finish it.

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    You should get a 3 or 4th gen camaro cuz they are cheap and light

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    It took me half the video to realize i was supposed to move the video because its a 180° video

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