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Full Detail! Learn how to Super Clean and detail the interior of your car. In this video I show you how to clean your carpets, floor mats, trunk, and headliner. The super clean series is about attention to detail so not only are we vacuuming the carpet but we are also shampooing it with an extractor to remove all the embedded dirt and smells.
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Hey guys chris fix here and today, i'm gon na show you how to super clean, the interior of your car and, if you're not familiar with the super clean series. This is where we go above and beyond the normal, clean, we're not just gon na vacuum and dust off the dash we're gon na go above and beyond, and get this interior looking brand spanking new and the best part is we're gon na be using tools and Products that are easy to find readily available and inexpensive i'll be sure to link everything in the description in this video and you'll know. The products in this video are going to give you the results you want. The tools in this video are going to get you to those results, they're going to help you out, there's tips and tricks and there's cool tools and products that i'm using that are really going to help.

You get that extra clean and i can't wait to show you, for example, with my exterior super clean video. We went from this dirty mustang to this beautiful, deep, dark, luscious paintwork with my engine bay super clean video. We went from this dirty engine bay to this and this dirty engine bay to this so clean you could eat off of it. So you know how to super clean.

The exterior super clean under the hood. Now let me show you how to super clean, probably the most important part of your car, the interior and it's the most important part, because this is where you spend all of your time. This is where you physically go and sit. You touch you breathe, you smell! You take passengers, you bring them into your car, you want it to look good, you want it to smell good and susan.

The vandalized car is the perfect example of a car that we need to clean now. I wish i knew the backstory behind this car, but it looks like they dirtied up the interior, with mud on purpose to vandalize the car, but i don't know for sure, but it is a mess. The carpets are dirty, there's gum over there. The seats are dirty.

They have all this loose change that has like sugar and it's gummy and tons of candies that are melted. The interior trim has dirt and stuff stuck inside of it. We have dust, we have the steering wheel, it's dirty. The back of the car is a mess as well.

This is why i think it's vandalism, because i mean i don't think anybody's that dirty so we're gon na clean this. If we could clean this, you could clean your car no problem. Now i get not everybody's gon na have a vandalized car, so i asked my sister to leave her daily driver here and i'm gon na clean it up for her. This is more of the dirtiness you'd expect in a car.

The door panels are a little dirty from your oils on your skin. The carpets are a little bit dirty. We have some dirt in the stitches of the seats. The center console is a little dirty.

We have dust everywhere and our steering wheel is dirty from either moisturizer or makeup or whatever that gets on here. So this is the typical dirtiness. What you guys probably would find in your car, so between a typical daily driver and a vandalized car. We have the perfect examples to show you how to super clean your car and get it looking great.

So in this video, the first thing we're going to focus on is cleaning these dirty carpets. After that, we're going to clean the floor, mats and then clean the trunk and finally we're gon na clean the headliner, which is very delicate and have some awesome tips for that. So, let's get started so first, we need to get the car ready to clean by rolling down the windows. That way, we don't have to worry about getting any cleaners or oily interior protectants on them, which makes it a pain to clean off.

Next. You want to pop the trunk open in each of these cars and finally unscrew and disconnect the negative battery cable, and we want to disconnect the negative terminal for two reasons. One we're gon na have the doors open which will kill the battery over time. We're gon na be cleaning, the inside of the car could take a couple of hours and the dome lights will be on.

Other lights might be on and two we're gon na, be removing our seats to give us more room, so some seats today have airbags in them anytime. You disconnect something with an airbag. You want to have the battery disconnected for 20 minutes. 20 minutes later, we are safe to remove the seats, so slide it forward and we need to remove the two screws in the front.

So that's one and that's two now push the seat forward and we have two more screws back here that we need to remove good next, you want to angle your seat back to give you access to any wires you need to disconnect, and in this car we Have one harness right here: we need to disconnect good now we can carefully remove our seat and you want to make sure that you don't hit any of the metal parts of the seat against the interior or the door panel which could easily scratch it and with The driver's seat out now we can do the same thing and carefully remove the passenger seat. And finally, we can remove the rear seat by pressing in the two levers below each side of the seat and then this seat bottom pops right out like that and with the seats removed. I think you get a good idea of why we take the extra time to remove the seats. Look at all this junk and dirt that's found underneath the seats all this has to be removed, plus we have to clean under here, because this is what holds in smells.

If your car has any odors to it, sure you might be able to clean the carpet up there and the carpet back there, but under the seat won't get cleaned and that's very important to do. Plus we want to be able to get to the center console the sides of it right here where the seat would be. We want to clean that. You can see.

There is glass and stuff back there. We want to clean all that out. Basically, we need the interior to be super clean in order to do that, we have to remove the seats, so that means we also want to remove the seats from our vandalized car as well, so with the seats removed. The last thing we need to do in the preparation step is to clean out all the junk from inside of the interior.

This means removing any loose garbage and papers from the floor and i'll do the same thing for my sister's car and that looks better already and the last place to clean out is the trunk good and it's not as bad in my sister's car. But we still want to remove everything, so we could properly clean it. Beautiful now. Look at all this junk we removed, plus i found a winning lottery ticket.

So today's my lucky day now, it's important that you remove all the junk from your car because you can't clean around this. This is half the battle getting all this stuff out. Then, if we look over here, my sister's car had some junk in it as well, but not as much so with all this junk removed. Now we can move on to the next step to clean the car so to clean the carpets.

We need four basic things. Some microfiber towels a good vacuum, a stiff, bristle brush and a carpet cleaner. That is it now. I do have some other products, i'm going to show you like this steamer.

This awesome vacuum that injects water and cleaner into the carpets and sucks it out and this brush here i'll show you those you don't need them, but they do help. Give you that extra clean. So let's go get started. First, if you have floor mats, you want to remove them, and i like to fold the edges that way.

Dirt doesn't fall back onto the carpets when you take them out and if you take a look floor, mats do a pretty good job at keeping your carpets clean underneath so with our floor mats removed, there are four quick steps to clean the carpets. First, we're going to vacuum the dirt off the carpet. Second, we're going to spot clean; third we're going to shampoo the carpet and fourth, we're gon na protect the carpet. So one of the most important pieces of equipment we're gon na be using is a vacuum like this.

This is a shopvac i've been using this forever. It has five horsepower so tons of power to suck all the dirt out. It's also a wet dry shop vac. So it could suck out water if you need to and again it's about the power you're going to be able to lift out all the dirt with this.

So i suggest you get something like this to help you vacuum your car, so as you would expect start by vacuuming all the dirt and debris off the surface of the carpet. Usually this is going to be larger pieces of dirt and it's going to be pretty easy to remove. Now, there's still going to be dirt deeper in the carpet so to remove that grab a brush and use the brush to agitate the carpet and loosen up that dirt. That's caught deep in the fibers.

You can see the dirt and the dust that was deeply embedded in the carpet come right up, and then you have to vacuum right here. To suck it right up. So using a brush is a huge help in getting that dirt loose and making it easy to vacuum out of the carpet, and you can see here the before and after not bad so you're going to want to brush and vacuum the rest of the carpet. In your car, so it goes from this to this, and this to this and check it out what a little bit of brushing and vacuuming does is amazing.

Look at that. It looks so good. Both sides are looking way better than before. So now we're on to the next step and that's the spot treatment step.

So anything you couldn't get out of the carpets, any stains. Any candies like this melted chocolate right here which is melted into the carpet and isn't easily coming up. And then, if we come over here, you can see there is gum stuck to the carpet and this is in there good. So you won't want to just rip it out and damage the carpet.

So i'm going to show you two different techniques. You could use to spot clean. First is the hot soapy water technique. You get a squirt of dish, soap, you put it in here and you fill the rest of the way with hot water and just using the hot water from the tap you can see.

It gets to around 120 degrees fahrenheit, which is hot enough. This is very easy to find at home. Most people have access to products like this soapy water and a toothbrush. So let me show you how to clean it up.

The first thing you're going to want to do is remove as many big pieces as possible. So get all this out of the way then you're going to saturate the area with some nice, warm soapy, water and next grab a brush and use that to agitate the chocolate pieces. The hot water melts that chocolate. So it's making it nice and easy to remove from the carpet fibers and finally, let's wipe away the stain with a towel and blot up the water from the carpet like so and that's not too shabby for some warm soapy water and a toothbrush.

But there is another method, and that is using a steam cleaner like this. So instead of using warm soapy water, which is like 120 degrees steam is about 212 degrees fahrenheit, so you don't need any soap, just add plain water to the steam cleaner and screw on. The top, then all you need to do is plug her in and after about a minute, or so she is ready with some very hot steam. Let me show you how this works on that gum, so let the steamer do all the work use the pressure and the heat from the steam to push the gum out of the fibers.

And then we want to remove as much of the gum as we can without ripping out the fibers of the carpet. Now, let's go back in here with the steam and loosen up the rest of the gum and i'm using a brush to clean deep into the fibers, i'm pulling that gum out of the fibers and bringing it to the surface. It's easy to clean the surface, but the gum that's down deep in there is a lot tougher to remove, but this is working great and then, finally, you want to hit it one more time with some steam which is going to sanitize the area prevent mold and Prevent odors good, so here's what it looked like before and here's what it looks like now, nice and clean, and you can see why i like the steamer so much plus, there's other applications. We could use this for in different parts of the car.

Besides stains in the carpet now after you're done spot cleaning your carpet and removing all the stains, the next thing to do is shampoo the carpet, and this is an important step because it's going to remove the odors in the carpet and it's going to clean out Anything that we couldn't get to with just the vacuum any little stains or discoloration that you find in there any little pieces of dirt that you have in there. It's going to clean all that and make it nice, and even so this looks like one brand new carpet. So, let's get started to shampoo the carpets. All you need is a carpet cleaner, a brush and a towel.

First, you want to spray down the entire carpet with your carpet: cleaner, try to use a carpet cleaner that not only removes stains but also removes odors, especially if the inside of your car has a smell to it. Most of the smell comes from your carpet as well as your seats and your headliner, and this carpet definitely smells musty with all that dirt. That was in there so finish, spraying the entire carpet and next grab your brush, and we want to agitate the carpet cleaner. Deep into the fibers for the most part, the carpet cleaner, stays near the surface and that's just going to clean the top of the fibers.

But we want to brush deep into the carpet that way we're going to get a better, deeper clean, also, while you're brushing make sure you brush in different directions. This will work the cleaner more evenly into your carpet and get you better results now you're going to want to grab an absorbent towel like this microfiber towel and you're going to want to rub along the entire carpet to absorb the dirt and cleaner that we just Loosened up you're going to want to press down with a medium pressure and work, the towel back and forth, making sure you clean the entire carpet and just take a look at all the dirt. We absorbed out of the carpet when doing this. Next, what you're going to want to do is grab a vacuum and we're going to vacuum up any loose dirt and any cleaner we didn't absorb into the towel.

This is basically sucking the dirt and cleaner up to the surface, and i like to draw lines in the carpet working my way, one direction and then work my way in the other direction. That way, i know i'm thorough and i'm not missing any spots and then finally, you're gon na take your towel and do one more pass over the carpet to absorb that last amount of dirt and cleaner that we just sucked up good and now. That is how you shampoo your carpets check out how clean this looks, and while this is very clean, if you want, we could get this even cleaner, and to do that, you would use something like this. This is a water injection carpet vacuum.

This works amazing. I love these things so how this works is on this side. We have a reservoir for soapy water, plain water, whatever water you want, and then we have a specialized hose that shoots, the liquid out that we have in this container and then sucks it up with this special nozzle and puts it in here. Let me show you so when you press the trigger water shoots out like so, and all you need to do is press that trigger and slowly drag the nozzle along the carpet with a medium downward pressure and what's happening is the water is getting injected into the Carpet, it's dissolving and loosening up any of the dirt and then we're sucking it back out and you can see the dirty water getting pulled out of the carpet and leaving behind a nice clean carpet.

And i don't know about you guys, but for whatever reason, this is super satisfying you get such a deep clean and you can see it's actually working and just like with the regular vacuum i like to go in one direction and then go in the opposite direction And that's going to get us complete coverage and then once you're done, the last thing to do is get a clean, stiff brush and we're going to brush the carpet fibers in one direction, with all the carpet fibers going in the same direction. The carpet's going to look really good. It's going to look even it's going to have the same shade, the same color. It's just that extra step to make the carpet look amazing! And after you let that dry look at this carpet.

It literally looks brand new, but even better, take a look at the recovery tank. Look at all the dirt we extracted from the carpet and that's going to remove the smells and make the carpet look that much cleaner. So, let's finish the rest of the interior, and i think you understand the process spray down the entire carpet with carpet cleaner work that cleaner in with a brush and then either use a microfiber towel to absorb the dirt or even better use an extractor vacuum which I highly highly suggest to get amazing results and then finally use a brush to brush the carpet fibers in the same direction. To give you a really nice smooth, even looking carpet, beautiful and the carpet cleaning transformation is incredible.

Here is the before in my sister's car, and here is the after. Before and after this looks amazing. So what a huge difference shampooing the carpets makes. Not only does it look a million times better, but it used to smell really musty in here and now it smells nice and fresh.

But there is one thing i want to mention: it's very important as you're cleaning, the carpets that you don't over saturate them. You don't get too much liquid in them. If you take a look at the carpet, you can see there's carpet material on the top and then underneath we have sound deadening material and this sound editing material acts like a sponge. It absorbs water and it's really hard to remove unless you remove the entire carpet and air it out and the problem with that is, if you over saturate it, this will hold water and you could get mold.

So don't drench your carpets with water or soak it. You just want to use the carpet cleaner and if you have an extractor just like i showed you and it'll come out perfect alright. So as we let these carpets air out and dry, let's move on to the next step. Now, let's clean these messy floor mats cleaning the floor mats is a similar process but use the ability to remove the floor mats from the car to your advantage.

For example, we could brush off most of this dirt from the surface pretty quickly. I also like to bang out the floor mats, which works amazing to get that dirt trapped deep into the fibers right out. Look at all the dirt coming out right now. Next, we could vacuum up any leftover dirt and get it ready for my favorite step, and that step is to use a hose or pressure washer and force all the dirt and stains out of the floor.

Mat a pressure. Washer works amazing for this, and it cleans that dirt and the stains out so easily. Now we could spray the floor mat down with carpet cleaner and let it sit for a minute. Now.

We've already used a brush like this. Instead of showing you this again, i want to show you how to use one of these brushes which connects right to a drill so with the brush. On the drill i like to keep a light to medium pressure downwards and a medium speed on the drill and let the drill do all the work just make sure you keep moving that drill from side to side or up and down don't let it stop and Sit in one spot and to keep the cleaning relatively even work your way back and forth along the carpet and then do the same thing in the other direction. Also, if you have any logos or stains, be careful, but give it a little extra attention to make it extra clean.

So, with the floor mats brushed now we can use the pressure washer and wash all the dirt and soap out and again, you can see how dirty that water is and finally get your extractor vacuum and you're gon na suck out any remaining dirt water and cleaner. It's not going to make it perfectly dry, but it's going to get most of that water out and just make the floor mats damp and check out all the dirt we removed these floor. Mats are like brand new now. So, although a brush like this definitely works well, i highly suggest you looking into one of these.

It makes the job quick and easy, and you get amazing results. So now we need to let these floor mats completely dry and a little trick to get these floor. Mats to dry pretty quickly is hang them on a clothes hanger like this and put them in the air. You just want them to be out in the open and hanging them up like this lets.

It dry real, quick, so our floor mats are clean, they're dry and that's where most people would stop, but we have one more step and that is to protect them. This is a carpet protector that prevents future stains, makes it easier to clean the carpets and prevents salt stains. If you live in an area where there's snow and you get salt, let me show you how to put it on. This is just like spray painting.

You want light even overlapping coats, so work your way down the floor mat in one direction, good now we're gon na let this dry for 15 minutes and after it's dry do one more light coat in the opposite direction again make sure you do slight overlaps. So you don't have any uneven spots and we cover the entire floor mat and finally, i like to coat the edge just to make sure i got the whole edge so spray one last spray around the edge like so good all right, so you know what they Say the proof is in the pudding and i want to show you what to expect when you protect your carpet. So we have this carpet right here which is not protected, and then we have this carpet right here, which is protected. You can pretend this is juice.

This is coffee, or you could just pretend it's water. It doesn't matter any liquid that goes into the carpet, is gon na absorb right in you see how it just goes right in with our protected carpet check this out. The water stays right at the surface. It repels almost like waxing your car and then, if you want to clean it up, you just absorb it up.

Just like that, so you can see the benefit of not only cleaning your floor mats but protecting them. That way, it's harder to get stains and a lot easier to clean up. So now, let's get the passenger side floor mats in as well as the driver's side and beautiful these floor mats are looking amazing. Our carpet is looking incredible.

This interior is starting to take shape and look great, especially compared to before so with these all nice and clean. Now we can move on to the next step next up, let's clean the trunk first, if you can remove your trunk floor like this, definitely remove it. So we could clean it outside the car. Now, let's get that spare tire out of there, so we could really clean out this spare tire.

Well, so now we have access to vacuum the carpeting down here and then we can remove this carpet and vacuum. The spare tire area as well and then move on to the carpeting on the side of the trunk here and on the other side and remember if you need to use a brush to loosen up any dirt. Definitely do it and it'll help. Give you a more thorough, clean good now we could clean and protect this plastic trim piece start by using an interior, cleaner and spray into your brush.

Then brush the cleaner into the plastic, and i like using a brush on textured plastics because it gets into all the nooks and crannies and then after you're done brushing in the cleaner. Now we could wipe the cleaner off with the microfiber towel. Next, we want to apply a protectant to another brush and work this brush into the plastic just like we did with the cleaner and don't worry about using too much protectant. We want the plastic to absorb all that protectant, which will make that plastic look brand new and then, finally, after you let this sit for a minute or two.

Now we can buff it off with a microfiber towel and check out these results. Before and after this looks amazing and finally, we can't forget to vacuum up the main carpet that we removed from the trunk, and this really isn't that dirty so just a little bit of vacuuming and it looks good as new. So with everything in the trunk. All nice and clean, we could put it all back together all right, so our trunk is looking amazing, there's no stains it's nice and clean no dirt and our plastics looking good, but we don't want to stop there.

That's just the inside of the trunk. Don't forget, you also have the top part of the trunk that closes now. I did vacuum all this because it wasn't very dirty. Did it real quickly? It looks great, but what is very dirty is this up here, this paintwork.

This is not looking good, and this is something you're going to see every time you open up the trunk. Look at that see all that dirt in there. Also. If we take a look down here, you can see there's all dirt in the rain gutter.

There's debris here, sticks and leaves and twigs, so we want to remove all of that because it doesn't look good and we want it to look nice and clean. These are the little details that you want to remember to clean, so it comes out amazing. So, let's start by vacuuming out all the leaves and the twigs from the rain gutters now, instead of taking the hose out to clean all this out and potentially getting water in the trunk, i'm gon na be using a waterless wash and this has wax in it. So saturate the area with the waterless wash and waterless washes are designed to prevent scratching while cleaning light dust and dirt.

So you don't have to hose this down, and this is what i mean by paying attention to details. This looks so good. It gives you that brand new car vibe, because this is clean now in the tight spaces spray it down, and then i suggest, using a soft brush to agitate that dirt and loosen it up that way. All you have to do is wipe it away with a microfiber towel.

Then we could go from this to this and this to this, and this really gives you a good idea of what a big difference this makes when you clean the surrounding paintwork on the trunk. Now would you look at this chunk? It is looking super clean. Not only is it vacuumed it's stain free, but we went the extra mile we cleaned out the spare tire. Well, we made sure it was organized.

It was clean, there's no junk down there and we paid attention to the little details we cleaned up here. All the painted surfaces are cleaned and waxed, including the rain channels. This is super important. It changes how the car looks when you open the trunk when this isn't filled with leaves it's not dirty and it looks brand new.

All of this is waxed and cleaned, and it looks just absolutely amazing, so that is how you super clean your trunk. So next up, i'm going to show you how to clean a headliner. Now the headliner can be a little bit tricky, because this is pretty delicate. You do not want to be aggressive with it because you could damage it.

Let me show you so we're in the back of my dad's jag, and this is exactly what we want to avoid. This is why headliners are delicate. We do not want to cause the headliner to sag like this and being too aggressive with it, while cleaning could cause this problem. The headliner is just this material.

On the back of this material typically is a foam. You can see the foam indenting and on the back of that is an adhesive. If we damage the foam or we damage the adhesive over time, the headliner could sag. So we don't want to be aggressive like we were with the carpets.

We want to be very delicate with how we clean this and just get to the surface material, so we don't cause anything like this in the future. So cleaning your headliner is actually pretty simple. It's all about the technique. Here's all you need we're going to use some carpet cleaner.

We have a soft bristle brush, make sure your brush is extra clean and then we have a soft absorbent microfiber towel, and that is it. So let's go get started and this headliner is looking pretty clean, but there is a nice mark in the back that we need to spot clean. Now before we do anything. My biggest tip for cleaning a headliner is always try to start with dry cleaning.

Don't go in with any liquids. We want to try to use as little liquid as possible when cleaning this, so if we don't need to use any liquid at all, that is awesome. I'm gon na start out with a clean, dry microfiber, towel very important that this is clean if it's dirty you're, just gon na spread more dirt onto this and you're gon na lightly rub back and forth just to try to clean as much of that dirt off The surface look at that we already removed a bunch. I could still see a mark there, but that's way better than before, and we just lightly rubbed.

It so lightly. Rub that back and forth to try to get most of it out and then i'm going to move to another clean part of the microfiber towel and again lightly, rub it and wow that's already coming out, so that's really good. Now, unfortunately, you could still see there is a very light mark there that we need to get out so now we're gon na move on to using a brush again. This is gon na, be a dry clean, we're not using any liquids.

Yet hopefully we don't have to, but we're gon na, keep this dry right now and it's very important that the bristles of your brush are clean. I cleaned them with soapy water, and i dried them, because if this is dirty from something else that you cleaned, you're gon na just be pushing that into the headliner and even just a little bit of dirt is gon na make it visible. Because this is a nice white headliner, so go in there and lightly brush away any of that dirt. Don't push too hard, oh man, this is coming out beautiful.

I don't even know where that mark is anymore and we didn't have to use any liquids, which is super super important if you could get away with cleaning a mark like that, without any liquids that is the best case scenario. Here's a before and here's an after, and that was a textbook example of cleaning a mark off the headliner without using any liquids at all. But unfortunately, sometimes you need to use a liquid cleaner, because the stain is deep in there just like with this stain right here. So again, we're gon na start out with a clean portion of our microfiber towel and we're gon na lightly rub back and forth to try to clean this as much as we can, and you can definitely see this stain is in there a lot deeper and it's Gon na be tougher to remove so now, let's use a dry brush to get deeper into the fabric, and now you can still see there is a stain here, mostly right here, but there's still some marks right here in here after the dry clean.

Now we have to move to a wet clean, so grab your carpet cleaner and add just a little bit into your microfiber towel and work that cleaner into the towel. Fibers that way, it doesn't get completely absorbed by that headliner now lightly wipe the headliner to try to clean the stain off the surface of the headliner, and the goal here is to not saturate the headliner. We don't want to see any watermarks from our cleaner and we're getting closer. That's looking better here, we can still see a slight stain, but this is still there.

So, let's try to clean this a little bit deeper and to do that. Grab your brush and spray. A little bit of carpet cleaner in there and then work that into the headliner to remove the stain and if the headliner starts to get saturated like you see here, don't worry, there is a solution for this. We didn't use a lot of cleaner.

So it's really not a big deal, just focus on removing that stain and once that stain is removed, wipe the area down with the microfiber towel all right. So that looks clean, except for the giant watermark we just created now. If we leave this and let it dry odds, are you're gon na see the edge of the watermark. We definitely don't want that.

So what we're gon na do is we're gon na feather out that watermark almost like feathering out a paint job, so it blends. There's no hard paint lines, we're working the edge of the watermark and spreading it outward. So the damp part of the headliner blends with the dry part of the headliner and the goal here is to completely blend it. So you can't see a hard watermark then go in there with your dry microfiber, towel and lightly wipe up any of that moisture.

You can, and it should blend this nicely into the surrounding dry headliner and look at that, no more watermark. So that is how you feather that watermark out, so it doesn't dry and look horrible. So we went from this to this to this beautiful and there you go. That is how you super clean: the carpets in the car, as well as the trunk and the headliner, and what a huge difference clean, carpets, make the carpets in susan were a mess, but now they are looking great and the same thing for my sister's car.

The carpets were a mess, but now they are looking amazing and this is most of the work that you're gon na be putting into cleaning the interior. So once you get this done, the rest is easy. Same goes for the trunk, it was a mess, but now it's nice and tidy. And finally, those distracting stains on the headliner are clean and they aren't an eyesore anymore.

Now we aren't done in the next video we're going to be focusing on cleaning the dashboard center console and door panels and we're also going to be cleaning the seats which is going to be a huge transformation. I can't wait so hopefully the video was helpful if it was remember to give it a thumbs up if you're not a subscriber, consider hitting that subscribe button and as always, all the tools and products i used in this video will be linked down in the description. So you can easily find them stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “How to super clean the interior of your car (carpets & headliner)”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elise Johnson says:

    Such a detailed orientated person! Love your passion for doing tasks correctly. These car owners were lucky to have you put such attention into their vehicles. Great tips that I’ll be utilizing…thank you, Chris!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ionel banu says:

    This car looks like it got dirty just for the purpose of this video…the exterior of the car and the looks of it doesn't connect with that interior…

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars A large gay says:

    Thank you!!! Such a beautifully detailed tutorial. My dad’s disgusting old sentra will be road-ready again in no time

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D Dacombe says:

    great video. another good reason not to saturate carpet is some electronics below the carpet may rust. before i saw this video i had cleaned an old car that was in a bad state. after some time the o2 sensors reported a fault and i tracked the issue down to corrosion on the connectors that were under the carpet! btw i had good results from using leather paint, a year on and it still looks good.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lyn P says:

    will having doors open kill the battery if you turn lights off or is that just my 90s car being able to have things off. I mean I think the little led on the dash telling me door open is still pulling power.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars UNAPOLOGETICALLY patRIOTic says:

    My boys got chewing gum all over my show truck carpet & seats and veggie oil pulled the gum right up w/o any residue left over. Best trick I found from my barber, he said that's what he uses to get gum out of hair

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stoltzy227 Sk says:

    Would you put the carpet protector on the carpet in the car not just the floor mats just curious

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Romisha Franks says:

    YAAAAS baby!!! I almost cried when I tried to get stains out of my headliner from my son's grubby little hands and not only did I NOT get the stains out completely, but I got watermarks. After two spots I quit until I could find a better method. Thank you soooo much!!!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ishrath Razvi says:

    Ok, just started to clean one of my car. Just vacuumed and spot cleaned the carpets, and my car looks so much clean already!! The tip to use the brush on the carpet and then vacuum is an amazing tip! Thank u!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Larkin Anesthesiology says:

    Bro, the tool you used will cost me 500 dollars, I md rather go and pay 200 bucks professionals to do it in2 hrs than watching video for 30 min and clean my car for 8 hrs. Thank you, but no.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars test says:

    What is the pressure washer hose attachment that you use? Where can I get one from?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bee slim says:

    Could you show us how to clean a cynic top off a car. And keep it in a great condition year long (my 88 needs to keep up its lust).

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